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Firearm Sales

Firearm Sales – online store coming soon… Contact us for all Firearm Sales

Firearm Services

Besides selling new and selected used firearms, ammunition and a wide variety of accessories we offer a range of services to assist the shooting public.

These include:

  • Transfers.  Interstate and Intrastate.
  • Firearm Repairs. In store Basic Gun smithing (Cleaning, Diagnostics, Part Fitting.)
  • Major Repair / Modifications: these are arranged to be carried out by a registered and competent gun smithing service
  • Safe Keeping Facilities
  • Consignment Sales
  • Sighting Service; takes approximately one hour and 20 rounds to sight a clean and well maintained rifle. You will need to provide the ammunition that is to be used in that rifle (please provide factory ammo only as hand loads will NOT be accepted.)

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