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Our Products at Lincoln Rural Supplies:

Animal Health

Animal Health

Improve and maintain the health of your livestock and domestic pets… read more

Farm & Farming products

Broadacre Cropping

Latest varieties of seeds, chemicals and fertilisers…Read more

Clothing & shoe products

Clothing and Footwear

We Stock a quality range of work boots and other accessories…read more



Our staff have a wide ranging experience with all types of fencing ….read more

Fire Protection products

Fire Protection

Eyre Peninsula is susceptible to bushfires and we should all be prepared…Read more

Firearm Services repairs

Firearms & Accessories Sales

Extensive collection of firearms, paintball and archery…Read more

Irrigation services

Home & Garden

We have a wide range of garden products…Read more

Animal Products

Livestock Handling and Equipment

We sell everything from cattle crushes to sheep cuffs…. read more

Pipe products @ Lincoln Rural Supplies

Pipe & Pipe Fittings

Significant expertise and knowledge in all aspects of piping…Read more

Pump repair services

Pump Systems

Full range of pumping systems to suit individuals to specialised applications…Read more

Radios & Equipment @ Lincoln Rural Supplies

Radios & Equipment

Suppliers of quality, reliable communication products…Read more


Rainwater Storage

We cater for water storage of all capacities … read more

Animal equipment

Shearing Requisites

We have a wide range of Shearing Requisites…Read more

Products: Stock feed

Stock  & Pet Food

Feeds for your livestock, poultry and domestic pets.. read more